Step 1.

Read our FAQs

This prepares you for the process of a Subject Access Request (SAR) for ShootCert to obtain your medical notes from your GP.

Step 2.

Apply online
(takes about 10 minutes)

Our online application automatically and instantly generates your signed and personalised consent documentation to obtain a copy of your medical notes from your GP practice.

Your pre-written letters of consent and GP communication choice are tailored to your preferences.

Step 3.

Wait for your GP
(this part can take up to 30 days).

Now we wait for your GP to provide your medical notes to ShootCert. Your GP can legally take up to 30 days to comply.

If we haven’t received your notes within 25 days, you’ll receive a notification from us to help you move things on with your GP.

Step 4.

Your Firearm Medical Proforma
(allow 5 – 10 working days)

Once we receive your medical notes, you’ll receive a notification that your documents have been submitted to the verifying Doctor at ShootCert.

From this point, in approximately 5 to 10 working days, you will receive your Medical Certificate to add to your firearms application.