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Medical Certificate for Shotgun & Firearms Licensing

Applying for a Medical Verification Document

As a long-serving member, Dr. Chris Garrett was approached by the BASC (The British Association for Shooting and Conservation) to join a panel of respected doctors to provide verification to medical declarations or medical proforma forms to support firearm and shotgun license applications. He now intends to extend that service to all enthusiasts, not just BASC members. However, he encourages all gun owners to join BASC to protect our mutual interests.

This became necessary when in 2016 police forces required GP’s to complete medical verifications as part of a shooting application for license or renewal.

However, the BMA (British Medical Association) withdrew from that arrangement, allowing any GP to refuse to provide an applicant with the requested medical proforma. This ultimately leaves the applicant high and dry. For more information, please refer to this page on the BASC website: provides the solution quickly, effectively, and at moderate cost as recommended by BASC.

ShootCert will endeavor to send your Medical Proforma back to you within 5 working days from receiving your medical notes. Please note, however, it can take up to 30 days for your GP to provide a copy of your notes so you should start that process as soon as possible.

Dr. Chris Garrett

Having trained in London for 18 years he was appointed consultant at a busy DGH in the Midlands for 30 years. Always keen on country sports has enjoyed shooting and working dogs during this time.

Chris Garrett BSC MBBS FRCA
GMC No: 2255390
Bound by GMC Confidentiality

Dr. Chris Garrett