Dr. Chris Garrett - ShootCert founder and mentor to our panel of carefully selected GMC registered doctors.

Firearms Medical Certificate for a Shotgun Licence UK: ShootCert®

  • ShootCert®, an independent service, will send your Firearms Medical Certificate to you within 5 to 10 working days of access to your medical notes
  • You need a Medical Certificate to accompany your Shotgun or Firearms Licence Application
  • Efficient and professional service trusted by BASC, Police Firearm Departments and GP practices throughout the United Kingdom

  • We take our time. We don’t cut corners. We never compromise.

  • Increasingly today, GPs are unable to provide this service

ShootCert can help you!

Choose the UK's top-rated and trusted provider

Trusted by Police Firearm Departments, GP Practices, and Shooting Organisations

ShootCert is the UK’s top-rated and trusted provider of firearms medical certificates for people applying for their shotgun or firearm licence.

ShootCert was founded by Dr Chris Garrett in 2020. BASC invited him to join their panel of respected doctors to help people obtain a copy of their medical notes and write a firearms medical report when their own GP was unable to.

Now an independent company, ShootCert has continued to grow because of changes in the law and the professionalism and efficiency with which we have expanded our operation.

We now have a panel of carefully selected and trained GMC-registered doctors writing reports for ShootCert.

The need for a firearms medical certificate/report for shotgun and firearms licence applications first became necessary in 2016 when police forces required GPs to provide a GP proforma. This occurred after an agreement between the Home Office and the British Medical Association (BMA).

However, the BMA subsequently withdrew from that arrangement, allowing any GP to refuse to provide an applicant with the requested shotgun medical certificate. This ultimately leaves the applicant high and dry.

ShootCert.co.uk provides the solution quickly, effectively, and at a sensible price.

We have won the hard-earned trust of the GP practices and Police Firearm Departments with which we have forged links and worked closely throughout the United Kingdom.

We provide a fast, confidential, and efficient service to all shooting enthusiasts in the UK whether your licence is for work, recreation or target shooting. Apply online in less than 10 minutes. No face-to-face appointment is necessary.

ShootCert will endeavour to send your Shotgun Medical Certificate back to you within 5 to 10 working days of receiving your medical notes. Please note, however, it can take up to 30 days for your GP to provide a copy of your notes so you should start that process as soon as possible.

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